Akaminko schools Akunnor how to command discipline and respect with Black Stars


Ghanaian International Jerry Akaminko wants Black Stars Coach Charles Kwablan Akunnor to command discipline and respect at the Stars camp, whenever.

The defender believes what the Black Stars trainer who is waiting for his debut since his appointment as James Kwasi Appiah replacement, will outline at the Black Stars camp is what will earn him, trust and respect in camp.

According to Akaminko, a white trainer might not be preferred for the Black Stars provided his actions and management skills does not command the aforementioned from the players.

Therefore, Jerry Akaminko wants Charles Akunnor to properly outline his vision as well as rules that will guide his tenure.

“Let’s say C.K. Akonnor has played in the foreign leagues for a long time. He’s been the captain of the Black Stars; he’s had so many caps. He’s got the two blends in him. So now it’s up to him (as regards) how to put things in place for the team to also respect him or not,” Akaminko told Citi TV.

“It’s what you bring or what you do, that will determine whether the players will react to your rules you put in there”

“There could be a white coach that comes in and these players would not be happy with him depending on how he does his things.

“And there could be a white coach that comes in put his things in good place and the players think it is the top level and they will give him the respect.

“If you are a local coach or a Ghanaian, it will depend on how you put your things, that will determine how the player (react).

“It depends on you the coach. You have the power to put whatever structure you want to put. You will not force them to respect you,” he concluded.