IKF PKB Expands on an International Level and welcomes Ghana, Africa and Chief IKF PKB Representative Mr. Ahmed Ibrahim! – by Johnny Davis – World President of the IKF PKB



As President of the IKF PKB Sparring Tournament Circuit and Endorsement program, I am extremely pleased to announce our expansion of the IKF PKB to the Continent of Africa and the Country of Ghana!

Mr. Ahmed Ibrahim will be leading the charge in growing our organization in Ghana as our IKF PKB Chief Representative! He has been in martial arts for many years and is passionate about the sport of Muay Thai / Kickboxing. He has three clubs in Ghana where he trains and promotes champion-fighters that travel around the world to compete! Mr. Ibrahim was also a professional Football ( Soccer in the U.S.) player and is now a coach for many students in the region.

In the past six months or so, he came across the IKF PKB and our semi contact program and knew that it was a perfect fit to groom his young fighters to better their skills! The semi contact and no knockout policy of the IKF PKB is the game-changer for many trainers and young fighters!

Additionally, Mr. Ibrahim has since been educating himself, his students and the local Sports Authority about the IKF PKB Organization through many phone conferences and information found on our sites and thus far, everyone seems impressed with our successful history and sincerity for the safety of the fighters!

Speaking of safety, we are also entertaining expanding our Blackout Gear Sponsor to that area as well. The Blackout Gear has been proven to be the best gear for our athletes and we want everyone to be as safe as possible anywhere they compete in our events. See more Blackoutfights.com

We are looking forward to building a safe and productive semi contact sparring program in Ghana and across that region. We know the IKF PKB we’ve developed here in this United States that has helped thousands of fighters incubate smoother into the sport. We recognize that the IKF PKB Concept will soon be practiced by Hundreds of Thousands of people around the world and we look forward to our continued expansion and leading the charge to take our sport to its deserving magnitude!

Please Join us in welcoming Mr. Ahmed Ibrahim and IKF PKB Ghana, Africa to our IKF PKB Organization!

If you would like to become apart of the IKF PKB organization where ever you reside, feel free to contact us for additional information at www.AKPromotions.org or www.IKFPKB.com (843)773-1005