PHOTOS: IKF PKB GHANA Present medals to Athletes ahead of International duty



The International Kickboxing Federation-Ghana has presented medals and trophies won by fighters in their International duty to them.

The award ceremony was held on Wednesday, 10 July at the Head office of IKF Ghana, Accra.

President of the IKF Ghana, Mr. Ahmed Ibrahim at the event said, he is glad for the kind contribution and attention offered to Kickboxing by the local media. And still counting on them for massive publicity ahead of the IKF Point Muay Thai (IKF) World championship in Portugal slated for next month.

The awards, was to highlight Ghanaians, interested in supporting the Federation and the World at large, how well the federation has grown and taken a step to promoting the Country with such a sports.

Twenty-six (26) medals with five (5) trophies were presented to the athletes as accolades they won from International competition.

In attendance at the ceremony was Police Officer, Corporal Essandol John, Olla Body Williams-Chairman, IKF executives, the Athletes as well as the Media.